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"Particular people employed at Dillard’s security would…prey on African-Americans.”
-Michael Imber, former Dillard’s security guard, Good Housekeeping

“Dillard’s has got a major, major problem with these police officers, and if they don’t change the situation, people are going to keep dying. I’ve been in this business for 28 years, and I’ve never heard of another retail chain where they’ve had four deaths.”
-Chris McGoey, nationally known store security expert, San Antonio Current

“I don’t like picking on one chain, but they are so bad, and they don’t show any hint of changing. Their guards are going to keep stopping people, and searching people, and beating people, and killing people, and it just begs the question: Why
hasn’t Dillard’s done something?”
-Chris McGoey, San Antonio Current

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What is Dillard's customer mistreatment?
Dillard's customer mistreatment is when a security guard or cop unlawfully searches or questions a shopper based on their physical appearance, clothing, race, national origin, or ethnicity, for example, instead of by their behavior. Dillard’s has been accused of many counts of Dillard's customer mistreatment, especially with minority groups.

Who is most affected by Dillard's customer mistreatment?
Dillard's customer mistreatment is unfortunately an all too common occurrence that has been documented and criticized widely. According to the director of the Racial Justice Project at the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California, women of color have the most regular experiences with Dillard's customer mistreatment.

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Dillard Department Store Patrons:
If you have been wrongfully detained, assaulted, beaten, wrongfully arrested or prosecuted, or falsely accused of shoplifting at a Dillard’s store, you may have a claim.

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How large a problem is Dillard's customer mistreatment?
Dillard's customer mistreatment, according to some experts, may be on the rise due to a disproportionate increase in spending power of African-Americans and limited growth of retail outlets in African-American neighborhoods.

Why is Dillard’s currently involved in lawsuits?
Dillard’s has been involved in a long history of problems between their company and minority groups. Former and present employees have claimed discrimination and customers have filed mistreatment cases against them. Punitive damages have been awarded to victims that have been able to prove they were wrongfully accused of shoplifting or treated improperly.


The first Dillard’s was opened up in 1938 in Nashville, Arkansas. The family-run department store sells merchandise to middle-to-upper-income shoppers and has had a history of customer complaints including false imprisonment, assault, battery, wrongful detention, infliction of emotional distress, and wrongful death. Dillard’s department store customers, as well as former employees have filed lawsuits alleging improper treatment. The department store has a policy of using off-duty law enforcement officers as store security guards, an aspect that has been attributed to the cases of customer mistreatment. If you have been the victim of mistreatment or abuse while visiting a Dillard’s department store, or if you have worked at a Dillard’s and have witnessed incidents of customer abuse and mistreatment, please contact us.

Dillard’s History of Dillard's customer mistreatment
June 1994, Darryl Robinson visits a Houston Dillard’s and spends a lot of money. He became angry when the assistant manager refused to let him get extra cash out on his debit card and yelled at the clerk. When Robinson continued to argue, security was called and according to some witnesses, he was taken into a back room and beaten; Robinson died as a result of this tragic incident.

About Dillard’s
Dillard’s has been a family run business ever since its existence. William Dillard first opened the chain department store and now finds his stores to be in the spotlight, not for their merchandise but for accusations of Dillard's customer mistreatment. There has been a long history of problems resulting from Dillard's failure to implement or enforce proper retail security protocols.

Dillard's Customer Mistreatment
Dillard's customer mistreatment is the term used when law enforcement targets someone based on that person’s race, national origin, ethnicity or physical appearance rather than conduct. For example, Dillard's customer mistreatment can occur when a security guard stops someone in a store for shoplifting based on the individual’s race, clothing or physical appearance. Mistreatment in this regard is not as visible as other forms of mistreatment that occur, but Dillard's customer mistreatment has been around for a long time and is believed to be on the rise according to some experts.

Preventing Dillard's Customer Mistreatment
Preventing Dillard's customer mistreatment from occurring must start at the top. Some critics have blamed William Dillard for the problems Dillard’s has had with Dillard's customer mistreatment. During a ten-year wrongful-termination case a witness testified that the company vice presidents moved an African-American secretary’s desk so that Mr. Dillard wouldn’t have to see her on the way to his office. Dillard officials later testified that the vice presidents had acted without consulting with Mr. Dillard.

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